Saturday, January 7, 2017

Starbolts #334: Flight of the Snake


The new year in Starbolts action starts off with the hunter chasing the snake and the snake offering the hunter a prize. He didn't take it, but, his choice could have some lasting ramifications. Good lord I wrote Cobra as a jerk this week. Well, it fits his character. He would twist the knife a bit. Jack probably shouldn't have allowed him to monologue as much as he did. I guess maybe he was just looking for something of his old friend. Anything. Could he have been that desperate? Possibly. Either way, we know why Anya hasn't been in the comic recently. She'll be back sooner or later, I think. We'll see.

We'll also see if Cobra revives Soldier Six or not. Again. They were cloned before.....

Anyway, this comic takes place at the same time as Crystal's run in with that gang. We should be realigned next week. Lots of stuff is gonna happen so stay tuned for more Starbolts excitement!

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