Saturday, October 29, 2016

Starbolts #328: A Nightmare on Birch Street


Happy Halloween, everyone! Yes, I know it's the 29th. Oh, well. Well, here is this year's Halloween comic as promised!  Looking back at it, I gotta ask myself where I come up with things like this. I never really liked horror movies growing up. I guess I just wanted to create a nightmare where Crystal's parents who are monsters in their own way into actual monsters. This got a little creepy. Especially since the parents killed the Whitefoxes. AND then I have dead Andrea and Stan say "We won't accept you." Jesus.....That's messed up. Even for me.

At least we sort of have a happy ending. Crystal climbs into Marcus's bed. I was going to have an aerial shot of them in bed but it just didn't look right.

Poor Crystal, though. Monstrous versions of her parents plague her and it's no thanks to Zarantha. Will her plan work? Time will tell. Crystal doesn't seem unhinged at the moment. Just wigged out. Here's hoping she gets enough resolve when she meets her real parents soon.

This nightmare is in continuity with the current story. So, chances are it's gonna bug her for a while. Poor Crystal. Why must I torture my characters so?

Because without drama stories would be boring. See ya next time!

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