Saturday, October 15, 2016

Starbolts #326: Secret Meetings


That nameless aide never saw it coming did he? Now he's swimmin' with the fishes. This is why it's important to knock when you see a closed door. You never know who might be having a meeting with his minions. Oh, well.  Chances are Nautilus killed him right in the office BEFORE dumping the body and meeting Mateo and Aquita in the park.

I picked Mateo and Aquita for the DC mission as we haven't seen Mateo much.  Plus, Mateo is Marcus's best friend so I figured he should be on hand to help his buddy and his new girlfriend out.

In other news, I have several comics ready to go. Here are the "solits" as it were:

Starbolts #327: Race to the White House:

Can the Starbolts reach the White House before the Legion does?

Starbolts #328:

Special Halloween comic! Like last year, this one ties into the current storyline!

The next few comics are going to be action packed! What does Legion's new status mean for our heroes? Stay tuned!

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