Saturday, October 8, 2016

Starbolts #325: America's Most Wanted


It's just Marcus and Crystal's luck that their first date had to end so quickly.  Had it continued, who knows what would have happened. Well, I do. In another draft of the comic, I had Crystal explain how she was unsure about a relationship. Marcus would have said that was her mom talking. It's very CW as Smith here put it. I wasn't sure how to end it from that front. So, I decided to mix it up and give us this comic. She will be talking to Marcus about those feelings the next comic, I'm sure. Plans are in place for that one.

Crystal's still unsure given her past and everything. She may be flirtatious on outside. But, she's still scared on the inside. Her real parents messed her up pretty bad. Someone'll have to put her back together again. And that someone is wearing a Red Sox cap, blue shirt and black pants.  I tried to make the cap like a Red Sox cap. I think I did okay.

Then there's Agent Smith. What can I say? Is he on the up and up? Yeah, he is. I didn't want to make him a baddie. No one wants to have that trope. We will be finding out more about him soon. I like to think of Smith as the "Agent Coulson" of the Starbolts universe. He'll be really excited to see the two once they get back. He's just all business in the field.

I'm not sure where Crystal got those glasses from. I wonder if the shuttle had a glove compartment. It could be possible. You never know. Anyway, we'll be learning more about Smith next week and possibly what the others have been up to. They're investigating the new head of the DMA and I don't think they're gonna like what they find. Especially Jack.

See you next time!

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