Thursday, November 20, 2014

Starbolts #253: The Outsider


Well, we have another revelation this week! Velocity is really Sara Samantha Edwards! I should probably explain. Years ago, during the beginning of this comic, the Starbolts had a teammate named Sara. She was a character created by a friend of mine and we thought we'd kill her off because there were a lot of heroes on the team. So, she met her end at the hands of Demonstorm during the first Demonstorm arc. She had solar based powers. But, hang on! Velocity has superspeed! can she look like Sara Edwards and how does she not have solar powers? These questions and more will be answered in due time! All is not what it seems and it looks like Sara is on the road to redemption. How will the Starbolts react? You'll see soon enough!

In other news, work is going well on the Secret Wars video. Expect that some time after Thanksgiving. I didn't do a comic last week as I was busy working on video stuff. There were a LOT of scans to go through. The trade I have is over 300 pages. So, it took a long time to cover things. It is going to be a top ten deal. Should be a fun video. I had fun filming it. Expect a surprise near the end, too. 

Until next time!

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