Saturday, November 1, 2014

Starbolts #251: Woman on Fire


Plot twists around every turn here in this comic. We find out what Skull is planning and it turns out Zarantha isn't even the real Zarantha! What's going on with the Guardians? It looks like they are being dismantled from within to me. Seriously. We have a possessed Iron Eagle. We have Zarantha's sister taking over AND we have Velocity scared for her life. Heh. Question is Marcus going to react to Velocity's change in teams. I can guarantee you he is NOT going to be happy.

As far as Jenna's story goes, I changed up her sprite a bit. I don't know how long she'll be aflame like this. But, ya when a thug named Rick Baxter harassed her at school one day, she kind of went FOOM with the fire. If she landed, the grass would have caught fire and so would the statue. It wouldn't have been good.

In any case, my video for last month is up. Check it out here: I reviewed Spider-Woman #1 and I had some fantastic help from Tyger from MUD2MMO and a few other people. Also, the Star Wars title crawl was a pain to do before I found the right tutorial on Youtube. Seriously, when you make a tutorial please make it so people can hear you. That and don't play obnoxiously loud music.

That's all I ask! =) Enjoy this week's comic! Twists around every turn is fun. Take care!

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