Saturday, September 20, 2014

Starbolts #247: A Smooth Getaway


Today, I've introduced another Guardian. His name is Black Knight. Yeah, that's original isn't it? Originally, I was going to have a guy named Aquadator take on Manta, Jenna and Lady Liberty II. He has the ability to turn into water, ice and fog. I might save him for another time. He's still a member. I just wanted another sprite I made to take the stage as it were. I might even change his armor once this storyline's done. I'm not totally sold on the solid black and grey elements. I know he's supposed to be called "The Black Knight" but I'd like a little more color. I do like that sword he has, though.

In other news, I have archived more comics up on deviantart. You can check them out here: The archive is almost complete as I have about sixty more comics to put up. I did stop by imageshack. Man it is confusing over there. Some comics had broken images and I have since fixed them. If anyone sees any broken images here, let me know and I'll fix 'em right up.

Next week, I will be covering the Silver Age part of my new retrospective. Who will the character be? Will it be...The Hulk? Daredevil? X-Men? Spider-Man? Time will tell. Actually, if you've read you know I am working on Daredevil. I'm also changing the '70s comic I am reviewing to Spider-Woman as my copy was kinda messed up. The '80s one will be X-Factor #1 and after that? Well, we shall see.

Until next week, everyone!

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