Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starbolts #245: Truth and Liberty


Well, today we find out that Iron Eagle isn't really Iron Eagle! He's really a Nazi pretending to be him! That's gotta suck. The original plan was to have Jade Skull bring in an alternate version of Iron Eagle and HE would replace him. I changed my mind because I kind of wanted to steer away from alternate realities and go straight toward mad Nazi science. Because there's SO much you can do with it. So, now Jade Skull possesses Iron Eagle's body. He also managed to convince the Guardians that the Starbolts are baddies. Huh. There is gonna be a serious fight here soon. You better believe it!

At least now things have come into place and things make sense now. "Iron Eagle" came to the Agents' Embassy to confront Jenna and yet stole the first Lady Liberty's shield. It's become clear that Skull is toying with her. I do kind of wonder, though. Skull is fixated on Jenna's "Aryan perfection" and yet she is a metahuman. Wouldn't that go against his beliefs? Or is he just plan old nuts? I think it's the latter.

In any case, Skull has the shield, the 'Bolts' starship and a team of heroes at his command. They gotta do something fast!

See you next time!

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