Saturday, September 13, 2014

Starbolts #246: Saved by an Angel


Today is Kevin's crowning moment of awesome. He proves that just because he is blind he can still shoot a psionic arrow. His other senses are heightened despite his eyes being damaged by Sentinel. Oh, Sentinel. Do you think he knows he's working for a Nazi? Does he care? Only time will tell. Why exactly are the Guardians following him if he clearly isn't acting like his normal self? Weird, right? Definitely.

Anyway, I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved it! It had a great story and a great moral lesson and theme in it. Family's what you make of it. That and you need to hold onto good memories (like the whole issue with the walkman. THAT is basically his connection to Star Lord's mom.) My only real issue is with the Nova Corps. They hopefully will be more cosmicy later on. I hope.

Back to the comic! More action is coming next week. The storyline isn't ending soon, though. More is coming. MUCH more! AND by the end of the month I will have a Silver Age Marvel comic covered in Comic Showcase. Still deciding between a few comics that I have reprints of. Any suggestions are of course welcome.

Thanks and see you next week!

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