Saturday, March 22, 2014

Starbolts #228: Morning in the Garden

I really hate writing Robkas. No. Seriously. I do. I guess it's a testament to a writer to really hate some characters he or she creates. This guy, Robkas. He's a rich snob, a pseudo racist and well...a generally unlikeable person. Granted, this is what makes him a baddie. I can't very well kill him off. I mean, I COULD. But, this world needs baddies and unfortunately this baddie's goals all center around one person: Aquita. That's always been his end goal. To possess her and of course I don't feel any guy should possess someone. I felt the same way about another character I wrote. But, he died. Oh, my did he he die. Hahahaha!

Robkas, I'll keep around. After this story, he'll be on the backburner until the Legion wants him for something. So, yeah. Forced kiss. Originally, this scene was a bit darker. But, I edited some stuff out. Kinda creeped me out and I didn't want any readers to get TOO creeped out. Robkas is a creeper. There's no disputing it. There's also no way to redeem this guy.

The comic after next week, I promise will deliver something pro awesome. I'm talking 26 panels of Robkas getting the crap beaten out of him. 13 panels of Aquita beating him up and 13 panels of Mateo, too. =)  I say after next week because next Saturday I will have a video up.  Yeah. I am returning to the wild and weird world of Internet videos! All the old vids are up (Except for a 4th of July one which will get an upgrade this summer.) So, yeah. Look forward to that. and Robkas getting pulverized. That's always fun.

See ya next time!

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