Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starbolts #138: Old Wounds

*sigh* I miss writing Crystal. I really should bring back the feisty redhead that was pretty much a rebel in the prose version of the story. She liked to drink and sleep around. Sufficed to say she was a handful and eventually I toned her down some. Then I started focusing on the main eight Crystal is still rather fiery. In the beginning, she was kind of shy, introverted and later she just sort of decided to screw it (and anything with a pulse).

I digress. I wanted to show in this comic that the 'Bolts are very cautious about Jack's new friend. She "came back from the dead" and Jack's happy about it. I know "Who wouldn't be?", right? Well, his friends are skeptical and the repercussions of big reveal at the end will be talked about next time. I don't think the 'Bolts are acting like jerks. I DO think they are right on this one. I do have to thank Shea for beta-ing this with me. T'was a good conversation!

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