Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Updates and such


What's up? Well, I am back from my break and I thought I would update everyone on what I've been up to. This week, I'll be working on a new comic. Expect one a week since I am going to TRY to get the storyline done by the end of the month. Emphasis on TRY here. If it goes into 2012 a little, it's no big loss to be honest. I don't want to rush the story and there's still a lot to cover. So, that may end up happening.

I still need to figure out how I will show the old comics. I have an idea of what to do. It may prove...interesting.

Another thing I am going to talk about is my video. I will definitely have a new Comic Showcase soon. It's going to be Superman #1 and I will have it up some time in December. It should be fun to do because, hey, who doesn't like the man of steel? Well, except Lex Luthor of course.

The videos are going well and I'm actually trying to get a new stinger for each video. So far I've used Manta, Kevin/Norad and Bluestreak. I'll probably have a new one for the Superman review. I just need to think about which one.

Anyway, as for a list of other comics I will do? Well, that'd be spoiling the surprise!

I'm also taking part in this year's TGWTG Secret Santa program. You can see the specifics here: It should be a blast to do and I hope the person I have likes what I have in store. =D

There's not much else to talk about right now. I will be posting a comic soon and even updates every now and then. Thanks for reading!

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