Saturday, December 10, 2011

Starbolts #139: Guess Who is Coming to Dinner!

This week I think Jack is on the way to redemption. What do you guys think? I think this kid is on his way to *sees last panel* Oh dear. Uhh...*cough* Nothing to see here, guys! Nothing at all! *sweeps it up with a dustpan* Now, about J.Q. Moneybagger III Esq. Nothing says eccentric billionaire like:

1. A tophat.

2. A monocle.

3. TWO pokemon statues. Because...why not? He's rich and he can do it, damn it!

More on him next week and in weeks to come. I wanted this guy to come off like the Monopoly guy. Why? Because making him like Scrooge McDuck would have been very hard to do. After all, Scrooge is Scrooge. There are no substitutes.

I admit there's not much action this week. That's fine. MORE is coming. TRUST ME. Moneybagger's mansion looks very breakable doesn't it? Hahahaha Evil laughter! I also know I haven't shown the Agents and co trying to get the artifacts. That's fine. The story's focusing on Jack. More action is coming.

*looks up*

Moneybagger and the Setleth would get along wouldn't they?

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