Saturday, June 24, 2017

Starbolts #355: The Secret Origin of Titanus


I hope you all brought tissues for this one because this is definitely a tearjerker. Imagine an alien family trying to find a new home for their people only to be flung halfway across the galaxy and land on a farm where the most uncouth people you'd ever meet lived. That's the story of Dennis. Er...I mean...Firaxil.  You might be wondering how he got super strength from all of this. Well, the beatings never really stopped. His Inobe abilities were still dormant but managed to give him superhuman strength and invulnerability. He adapted to some seriously tough situations.

When "Dennis" got older, he would revert back to his natural state by accident and would still be beaten more by the Arronfelds. The mutation basically turned off his adaptation abilities.  He's no longer able to do what Inobe can. Now what is he going to do with this information? Well, he is most likely going to search the stars for his people.

As far as Crystal goes, she was unaware of everything. She was most likely asleep when the ship landed and the Arronfelds kept the boy in the cave....near his parents' bodies. That was until the time was right and he forgot that he was an alien. Poor guy.

Next time we will have a video with Harmonica Jay on drums! 

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