Saturday, July 3, 2021

Starbolts #538: The Logic of Attachments



    This week's comic puts the focus solely on Norad as we figure out what makes him tick. He's clearly becoming more human all the time as his brainwave patterns are based on his co-creator, Kevin Stanton's. As such, he might have Kevin's mannerisms when it comes to love. Love didn't come easy for our boy genius in the beginning. Now he's with Angela and is all the better for it. In Norad's case, the android has a lot more to contend with. He's not sure if his feelings are real or not. He's unsure about a lot of things. They'll be worked on, I am sure.

    Now we come to Syntax. It's clear to me that residual bits of Holly Demers still exists within the Syntax program. They're reasserting themselves as evidenced by that kiss. Holly is acting on what she considers to be instinct. When she kissed him, she didn't know she was once human and now she does know. It remains to be seen what this means for her going forward. Syntax is proving to have a positive effect on Norad, I think. He's learning a lot about emotions and in turn she is learning what it is to be human through his eyes. She is definitely an ideal companion for Norad!

    And now we have the Nanobots. Sigh. These little guys are certainly making life hard for our friend Norad, aren't they? Well, they're definitely testing Norad. What answers could they be seeking? What do they want with Norad? We'll find out soon enough. 

   See ya next time!

Oh and it should be noted that Syntax is looking up Holly's life and everything about showgirls in that panel. She's trying to sort through it all. Poor Syntax. Don't worry. It'll get better! 

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