Saturday, March 7, 2020

Starbolts #470: Race against Time


This week's comic has quite a few Easter eggs in it. First we have toddler aged Crystal and Sara making a cameo appearance in the beginning of the comic. It's about a week before her death. Her first death, anyway. We'll be covering that next week along with Firaxil's shuttle. I'll be pairing up the next couple time traveling exploits. I'm doing that so we can save time and have space for a special event happening on July 4th!

I wanted to have a full comic this week for D.I.S.C.O.R.D. island because I wanted to show Marcus meeting up with his hero, Air Raid. Marcus idolized him just like how Crystal idolized her own mother, Lady Liberty. I can see five year old Marcus running around playing "Air Raid" much to the annoyance of a certain murderous snake.

Ty and the rest of Soldier Six were heroes to the Starbolts who knew them and of course to the Starbolts who came after them. They were their predecessors after all. They were the original young heroes with attitude and Jack couldn't be any prouder to be part of that once again.

Anyway, we have a few more time travel adventures to get through. Stay tuned because there's drama ahead! Like there wasn't enough drama this week?

See ya then!

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