Sunday, July 7, 2019

Starbolts #439: Legacy or Birthright


I think we can all appreciate Crystal's invisible obscene gesture in that last panel. I blurred it out as much as I could so it could be noticeable and still censored. Probably would have been better if she turned her hand visible. But, she promised that she wouldn't be seen by Doctor Marshall.

So, now we have the truth. Elisabeth King is really the head of Terra Nova! Who saw that one coming? It was probably a little obvious considering her mad hatred for anything metahuman, her familiarity with Clive's work and the fact that she had been ignoring her daughter Ellie ever since she came out of the metahuman closet. Rest assured the Starbolts will be raiding King Pharmaceutical very soon. Like next comic. Nothing like a preemptive strike! And what a strike team it will be.

Sara, of course, has to remain on the sidelines because of her probation. She'll be there, though. She'll be the woman in the chair guiding the team to defeating Terra Nova/D.I.S.C.O.R.D. once and for all. She's also firmly entrenched in team science now along with Kevin, Takashi and Aquita. She's going to publish her findings. It may even have a forward by Aquita. Think of the press that will get. Talk about hitting the mad scientist where it hurts.

It's just as well. Marshall deserved it. It's a fitting end to this madman. His science experiment revolted and next week Terra Nova's OTHER science experiment will revolt. Sucks to be Terra Nova.

See ya next time! 

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