Sunday, June 2, 2019

Starbolts #435: Ridiculously Over-the-Top Supervillains


Why settle for one ridiculously over-the-top supervillain when you can have seven? New Terra Nova recruits are just aching to challenge the Starbolts and that's just what they'll do very, very soon. They come from all over Earth and at least one of them came from Demonsk. Demonsk, by the way, is the home realm of Starbolts baddie Demonstorm. It's also where Tanis of the Starbolts is from.

I introduced these characters a while back as a symbol of things to come. Looks like they'll be having an impact soon. The trick to creating these characters is to counter the abilities of each Starbolt. It doesn't look it. But, Damselfly does have retractable bug-like wings like Tanis does. We'll be seeing them soon.

We also have a bit of a mystery. Who is Doctor Adams talking to? Whoever it is has a rather intimate knowledge of the Starbolts. The person called Sara Project Sola. It doesn't take much to figure out who Project Whisper is supposed to be. (Yes, it's Crystal.)

The Starbolts are definitely gonna have their hands full with "Project Redemption". Terra Nova isn't as gone as we thought it was!

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