Saturday, February 2, 2019

Starbolts #419: Daughters of Liberty (Part 2)


This week Sara and Crystal learn that they are more alike and share more of a history than they previously thought possible! If you look at one of the flashback panels you'll see baby Sara and baby Crystal holding hands. Once we get to the present you see the two holding hands again. It's really unfortunate that they had to find out this way. Crystal was basically supposed to be the Jenna of Clive's version of the Starbolts. Funny how that didn't work out.

How did Clive find out about the Starbolts program? The answer to that question will be revealed in time. Looks like the girl I introduced in the New Year's comic is Sara's sister. Her name is Ellie and we'll find out just how she fits into all of this next week.

As for Crystal and Sara? Well, they're both hurting. They're both gonna need support from their real families once they get back to the Watchtower. The girls finding out that they were nothing more than experiments has got to sting. This mini arc has been called "Daughters of Liberty" for a reason and it'll continue being called that for a few more comics to come.

It's gonna get even crazier by the end of the mini arc! Stay tuned!

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