Saturday, October 20, 2018

Starbolts #408: The Mama Bear


Major bombshells are dropped this week! Let's try to unpack these one at a time shall we? Yes, we shall!

1. Yes, that is a room full of Sara clones. Those are all Mark One clones who would technically be like the Sara clone who died way back when. Andrea had them killed and I am sure she will talk to Stan about it. She didn't mention it to the Starbolts as they are still young and idealistic. They see the world as black and white still. She wanted to relieve them of the burden and it was her call. She was protecting them. She'll talk to Stan and he'll admit that she made the right call killing those clones.

2. Yes, Clive Marshall is Sara's father. Did you see that one coming? It's a big bombshell. After all this time dealing with Clive in the comic, we find out that Clive is actually Sara's father. Her mother is a woman named Elisabeth King. You are not going to like that woman. Trust me. Yes, we'll be meeting her down the road. She's not good people. She kinda has to be if she fell in with Terra Nova's mad scientist.

3. Looks like other female metahumans caught Clive's eye. He's not so much a pervert. He's a man who wanted to create a master race. Firaxil was to be the father of a new generation of beings capable of incredible powers. Women carry the metahuman gene. He was to have them mate. But, it wouldn't have been through natural means. The DNA would have been extracted from each person and combined. The embryos grown in a test tube.

For the record, the women in his file were: Jenna, Angela, Crystal, Kaori, Sara, Selena from Nightstrike, and Valentina and Spectra from the Legion. Clive had access to at least three of those women. And now we know what he wanted Crystal for. Not just to make her a weapon against the forces of good. She was to be a broodmare as well. Clive Marshall is sick, man. SICK!

The question is. What's going to happen when the metahuman women find out about this? The line for Clive's blood is out the door at this point. Stay tuned for more Starbolts action! 

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