Saturday, March 3, 2018

Starbolts #382: Titanic Memories


This is a blast from the past! For new readers let me explain. A long time ago when the comic was in prose form the Starbolts had another member of the team. Her name was Sara Edwards and like Jenna, Jack, Kevin, Mateo and Marcus she was the daughter of two famous heroes who fought for freedom over land, sea and air. (Yes, they were Agents of S.T.A.R.) Sara was to be in the Starbolts Program until Terra Nova kidnapped her as a baby.

Her parents searched high and low and ended up leaving the Agents. Sadly they couldn't find her and the organization ended up raising the baby. She grew up and was later rescued by Dennis and the rest of the Starbolts

Dennis and Sara had a long history together as they were a couple and when the time came to put the comic together, Sara was killed off during the first major arc. Sara was created by my friend, Sam and we thought it'd be best for Sara to be written out of the story for the time being. I recently talked with Sam and we thought we'd bring Sara back in a way.

I already sort of toyed with the idea of bringing her back when I had Velocity, a speedfreak like Marcus, turn up and she looked like Sara. You might remember that story. That plot thread is still dangling. I really need to resolve that at a later date. Not sure how, yet. I WILL, though. =D It'll just take some time.

Enjoy this week's comic! I'll see ya next time!

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