Saturday, July 22, 2017

Starbolts #357: Farewell, Titanus


Its finally here! Dennis has said his goodbyes to the Starbolts and is off to find the Inobe. Wherever they are. Will he find them? Time will tell. It is a long shot. I had fun doing this week's comic. I kind of wish I put a Leonid in there with Crystal's parents. That would be a FUN interrogation scene! At least we have an Aquan and a Setleth being the good cop/bad cop routine. We may see those two again, too. It depends, really. There's probably gonna be a hearing and Crystal will have to take part in it.

As one Starbolt leaves, two get really close together in light of everything that's gone on. Marcus and Crystal have professed their love for each other after this harrowing adventure. Drama like this tends to bring people together. In this case, Marcus has had an attraction to Crystal from almost the beginning. She, too. Events were then put into motion and here they are. What will become of this? Stay tuned!

More Starbolts action is coming soon!

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