Saturday, June 17, 2017

Starbolts #354: Prodigal Daughter


Wow! There's a lot of family drama this week. About half of the comic could be an episode of Maury. Hell, maybe even Jerry Springer. There's no shortage of it this week, huh? I do have to admit writing Jed Arronfeld makes me want to punch him. I said on twitter how you know you are a decent writer when you really want to punch the guy who is not really a supervillain, but, a ignorant farmer from Kentucky who is bigoted. I should have Marcus superspeed punch him. Nah. That isn't the Starbolts way. Something'll happen to him, I think. And I don't mean that broken tractor. Broken nothing. That thing's sitting under a rock!

Sufficed it to say, we have surprises coming  next comic. I may do a video this week if the weather gets better. We shall see. I may flip a coin and figure things out. In the mean time, there are definitely some strange things in this cave and we're about to find out what it is. Questions will be answered so stay tuned!

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