Sunday, August 21, 2016

Starbolts #320: Dr. Marshall, I Presume


This week's comic gives us the secret origin of Valentine! Valentina Ferraro comes from a wealthy Lawrence, Massachusetts family. This family has ties to Terra Nova dating back to the turn of the century as mentioned in the comic. Her parents made her join and sent Marshall to seal the deal. Of course, he had a bit of help from the young Tornado. This proves Tommy was always a bit of a jerk, huh? Yeah, I'd say so.

If we go by a timeline, the flashback takes place just after the Starbolts were formed by the Whitefoxes. Valentina's team had fought the Starbolts since those early days. And it seems she has been a bit reluctant since day one.

Here's a question. Do you think she can be redeemed? She and Simon have both been kind of on the fence regarding the whole villain thing since about the beginning. It's safe to say that Simon has been blackmailed, too. It's also safe to say Terra Nova had Valentina's parents killed anyway. So, she may not have any reason to stick around. Where would she go? I don't think she'd be welcome with the Starbolts. Especially Crystal. She already doesn't like her. There are parallels between the two characters backstories. But, as one became a hero the other went down a decidedly different path.

Another question. I wonder what D.I.S.C.O.R.D. wants with Dr. Marshall. Whatever it is, it can't be good. Stay tuned and find out!

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