Saturday, August 6, 2016

Starbolts #318: Beginnings and Endings


Looking back, I maybe should have named this comic "All My Starbolts" because of the soap opera level drama we have here. Dennis is mad at his adoptive parents and rightfully so. Crystal is trying to be the voice of reason and has her own plans for dealing with the Arronfelds. I can't wait to do that scene as I already have a rough draft of that done. Should be pretty damn good. And cathartic in a way.

Next we have Raven leaving Umbra. Now who didn't see that one coming? I love how in the last panel Carra is happy. Rich is shocked. Umbra is stoic. He'll show some emotion next week. Not much. But, some.

I'm also trying new things with the comic. You might've noticed me zooming in on some things last week and this week. It's interesting. I thought I'd try it since it may give more sense of drama. I've done it before. But, not to this extent.

Anyway, we'll see how Umbra reacts to this news next week and in the future we'll see a final confrontation between Crystal and her parents. What last name will she choose? A hint is in this week's comic. =)

See you next time!


  1. Since her relationship with Marcus is just starting I'm thinking "Dastara". (Yes, I looked it up.)

    1. Nope. That's Jenna's last name. I'm thinking of something a bit more...foxish. ;-)