Saturday, July 23, 2016

Starbolts #317: Code Blue


 This week's comic seems like a hour long hospital show doesn't it? I ran through several possible titles in my head and I couldn't think of one that fit really well. Here are some examples:

1. ER: Earth Orbit
2. Doctor Arlandero MD
3. Trauma Center: Life in the ER

None of those really fit so I went with the codes hospitals use for when patients come in suffering a puncture wound or poisoning.  I have a few friends who are nurses and they said the other codes won't fit, either. Some of the others get kinda gross. Won't repeat 'em here.

Next week I plan on doing a review of one of the Superman Rebirth comics! After that? Well, I was going to do a retrospective on Spidey. But, then something cool happened. Richard Rider is returning to Nova so I plan on covering that. The Spidey retrospective would have overlapped it since he's coming back in the fall. So, I might have to see what else I can review in the interim because I really want to cover Rich's return.

Until then, we got Superman Rebirth to talk about and of course the further adventures of the Starbolts. Somehow I think the Arronfelds won't know what hit 'em. And I doubt we have seen the last of Nautilus.

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