Saturday, July 16, 2016

Starbolts #316: Night of the Nautilus


Never lead an Aquan to the one place he or she rules supreme: The ocean. It doesn't matter what planet they are on. They are masters of the sea. And next week, our buddy Nautilus is gonna learn first-hand what happens when you fight an Aquan in water. 

I also learned an important lesson this week. I did three comic scripts over the week. The muse was with me and a friend of mine said to always listen to the muse. That is true. I did some great comics setting up stuff for future comics. I usually do script a comic ahead of the week I do one. But, this time the muse was really with me so I did three. Not counting this one. A lot of stuff is coming up. A break up, a joining, plans being put into motion, defeating Nautilus and more. I won't reveal it all. Let's just say we will definitely be seeing Nautilus again. He isn't going anywhere!

So much stuff is going on. Will of course be tossing a video in the mix. Deciding what to do on that front. It depends on whether or not the store has it in stock. After that I plan on doing a retrospective of Spider-Man through the decades. I'll be avoiding OMD. This is my tentative list:

Amazing Fantasy #16
The Death of Gwen Stacy
The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #400
Spider-Man/Human Torch
Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2015)

These may change. We'll see! In the meantime, enjoy what's gonna happen in the comics. The fun has just started!

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