Saturday, May 14, 2016

Starbolts #309: So Many Twists and Turns


What a tangled web we've weaved here in Legion headquarters. Raven is working for Umbra. Poor kid, by the way. He accidentally allowed Cobra to be reborn. Ouch.  Crystal is working for the Starbolts. Is anyone working for the Legion? Eh, maybe anyone who isn't a double agent.  Everything is not how it seems! Hell, maybe Valentine really likes Crystal! Yeah, right. Let's not go crazy, here. She doesn't like her. AT ALL.

Initially, I was going to make the computer lab look like that Cerebro computer area you see in the X-Men movies and in the Incredibles. That being a round room with a central computer terminal. It's cool. Too cool for the bad guys. The Starbolts will probably get one like that at some point. This room is enough as we got that interactive map of the world in the background. Not bad for the baddies, huh?

So, what did Crystal see in the file? We'll find out next week. It's a little shocking and connects well with Dennis's file. Oh, my yes. Still, what does Terra Nova want with the Wilson farm? I doubt they have a recipe for decent grits.

Either way, something has shocked her to her very core. She doesn't even care Valentine's behind her right now. She's too busy reading and having her heart be ripped to shreds. Not a good day for Crystal, I think. I hope someone speedy can pick up the pieces.

Stay tuned next week for Crystal's reaction.

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