Saturday, April 23, 2016

Starbolts #306: Brothers and Sisters


Yikes. I have a feeling Crystal is going to dismantle the Legion from the inside out because of what they did to Dennis. Remember, the Jade Skull? He was the guy who transformed Dennis from a super strong almost Superman-like guy to this hulk we see before us. Sadly, he hasn't been able to change back like Jenna has. She went through the same process and was turned into a human torch for a bit. Dennis wasn't so lucky and now he's got a lot to deal with. His change was only recent and now he's got to rebuild his former self. Hopefully, the 'Bolts can help him.

Dennis has been protective of Crystal in the prose Starbolts stories I did. I wanted to bring that here since I wanted to develop the two. But, now Crystal has grown and as we'll see she's got her own fire and will make the Legion pay dearly for what happened.

As for me, I may do a vid next week or a comic. I haven't really decided yet. I am hyped for Captain America: Civil War. Been watching the Cap movies and I hope the movie is good! See you all next time!

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