Saturday, April 16, 2016

Starbolts #305: Speeding Hearts


This comic, I admit, does read like an episode of a show on the CW. Well, that was unavoidable. Crystal and Marcus had to hash out their feelings and figure out if they were really real or if it was just puppy love. There were other ways of doing it of course. But, with Crystal being Crystal she decided to go for the more approach. After all she's about to go on a dangerous mission by herself. There's no backup once she infiltrates the Legion. She only has her wits and her will to get the job done. She just couldn't go without knowing how she really felt.

I thought it was a neat idea to toss in the Mary Jane line for her. It isn't just because both are redheads. There's more to it than that. MJ and Crystal have both had hard lives and have tried to cover up their pain by being extroverts. With Marcus, she may finally be herself. Though, Dennis may have something to say about all this. I don't think that was big brother being overprotective. Overprotective people don't get people in a choke hold with BOTH lands. Jesus, dude. We'll find out next comic what his deal is. He's probably still reeling from the effects of that thing that changed him from normal size superstrong guy to Hulk-size strong guy.

I also had to include Andrea aka Lady Liberty II in this comic. She is basically the Starbolts' mother and coach all in one. She cares for everyone. Not just her blood kid, Jack. Well, the team has two issues at hand. Dennis is still messed up and Crystal's off to find Umbra's partner.

Like the sands of a hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

See ya next time!

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