Saturday, October 17, 2015

Starbolts #286: The Rage of the Beast


This comic is a little late because I was working on the best ways to scale the creature. The original big sprites were a little too big so I had to scale it down. Good thing I did. I really like how this one came out. Giant fire-breathing turtle attacks city. Was pretty awesome to do and we'll definitely see more of it next week when it goes after Shrall. She really hates the "heirs of Delclina" doesn't she? Well, that's too bad for her. The others are coming to save the day! Here's hoping they fair better than Jenna, Manta, Mateo and Centurion did. Jack, of course will be on hand to help. I figure he and the rest of Xemplara were guarding the king and queen.

In other news, thanks go out to everyone who voted in that poll. I'll be adding new pages soon. Probably about one a week since the clear winner was "All of the above". Heh. I suppose this site does need more meat on its bones. I'll get right to work on that. =)

The first page will probably be about the planets in the Starbolts universe. I have some ideas on how to best go about it. Plus, my paint program can make nifty 3D spheres. So, I'll probably use that to actually show the planets. Though, the easiest thing would probably be the episode guide. I'll flip a coin. The pages will all go up soon. So, stick around!

In the mean time, thanks for reading the comic and I'll see you next time! 

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