Saturday, July 25, 2015

Starbolts #277: Aquan Vacation


Today brings good news for our heroes as King Shrall and Queen Tayalla are expecting a baby. That means M'anta and Aquita will be an uncle and aunt respectively. I figured this week I'd show some good news happening for the Starbolts since there hasn't been anything good in a while considering the base exploded, the Guardian was confiscated, and a whole lot more stuff happened. It's been tough so I decided to create an arc where it's just downtime. They need to rest for a bit. That isn't to say there won't be some adventuring to be had here on Aquarius. There will. It just won't be as crazy as the last one was.

I've got to say it sucks for Marcus as he meets the newest member of Xemplara, Gee-Nome. She's an alien from the farthest reaches of our galaxy and joined up rather recently. How she joined and who she is will be explored soon. She isn't some one off lady. I've had plans for her for a while. Her species are metamorphs that can change into anything and anyone.  That form there is her attack form. It's fast and has many sharp parts. I've created a few other forms. There's defense, speed and a few others. The possibilities are limitless when one creates a shapeshifter.

Next time we'll see more of Gee-Nome, the gang reacting to the news and maybe something else happening. Should be a vacation the Starbolts won't soon forget! See you next time!

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