Saturday, August 23, 2014

Starbolts #244: Where Iron Eagles Dare


Well, look who thinks he's clever Kevin. Well, he doesn't think he's clever. He IS clever. I wrote the script thinking "Yeah. Him going to the brig isn't going to solve anything." I left it in because I kind of want to write their reaction to his antics. Heh.  Should be an interesting fight. Especially now that Andrea wants to get involved.

Speaking of the Starbolts, you notice I didn't put all of them in the last few panels. Quite a bit of them are still recovering. Mateo's angry as Aquita is one of the injured. So, the team's a bit short-handed at the moment. We'll see how this plays out soon!

Next week, though, I plan on making a video about a certain star-spangled man with a plan. See ya then!

Oh, and yeah. I've heard about the New Warriors being cancelled. Again. It's annoying. The team, like others have said, never seems to find an audience. I think the problem is that the classic team fans need to be thrown a bone. This article I found explains it more than I can:

It's a good read. Check it out. I'm not gonna sulk, though. Just annoyed, like I said. See ya next week!

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