Saturday, August 16, 2014

Starbolts #243: The Stowaways


Today I reveal more members of the Guardians. Zarantha, Psiwing, Sentinel and a green muscled guy called Omega. Yeah, I wasn't going to call him "Kluh" or something. We'll get more from him and their friends, soon. Poor Zarantha, though. She didn't even notice Kevin finalizing the command code switch. Whoops.

The Guardians will of course now have to deal with a ship that can't go into space. At best, they can only go around the planet. Weapons will also have to be disabled, too. Hmm. How are they going to do that? The bridge? Possible.

I tried making Engineering look like the TNG Engineering set. The best I could do was add a "pool table" like control area. It works, though. Next week we are sure to see more fun times. But, we should probably check in on Marcus and Britannia. They're the ones who sent out the others before they got attacked and are tending to the wounded inside the Embassy.

But, wait! Where are Jack and Anya? Don't worry. They'll be here. Imagine Jack's reaction to be one of complete shock and disbelief.

Anyway, enjoy the comic this week! I'll be back with another one soon and after that I'll be bringing a Captain America #1 review! Take care!

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