Saturday, June 21, 2014

Starbolts #238: Alone Against the Legion

Well, it certainly looks like the Amazing Dragonfly is in a bit of a predicament. Will his friends arrive in time? Yeah, they will. Will he make a deal with Princess? Will he rejoin the Legion? Those questions will have to wait until July. Next week, I will be reviewing Nightcrawler #1 and man is it a good comic. I already sang its praises in the Last Angry Geek's facebook group. (Which you should all join because it is awesome.) Link here:

I didn't go into too much detail into why I liked the book. I will when I review it. Should be a good review. I'm a huge Nighcrawler fan. So, I am glad he's back and has a solo series.

So, back to this week's comic. Poor Dragonfly can't catch a break, huh? Don't worry. He'll make the right choice this July.

See you next time! =D

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