Saturday, May 31, 2014

Starbolts #235: Desperate Measures


Now that time is restored, it's time to end the storyline and to start, I finished up the part with the Gods. I figured I'd end that neatly because the Gods are higher beings. That and when the guy you have doing your dirty work is a raving loon, you do what you can to distance yourself from him. Immortals do it. So do mere mortals, actually.

Next comic will more than likely end this storyline. Ended the Gods bit and now we have the three baddies to deal with AND Robkas. Should be just another day at the office for Xemplara and the Starbolts.

In other news, June is upon us and I am going to work on a new Fourth of July animation to replace the one I originally made AND replace the one on Youtube. That one is kind of old and while I still have that old file, I think it'd be a good idea to update it. Kind of a perfectionist that way.

I am also working on new video ideas. By working, I mean research. I'm looking into the Marvel Comics vault and picking the comics I am going to review for another retrospective. Should be good. Should be exciting!

Will see you all next time!

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