Saturday, May 10, 2014

Starbolts #233: Preserving the Future


Well, here we are at the final comic concerning the trip through time! Next week will be the jumping on point that I've been talking about the last few weeks. It's good to be back doing the comic. Last month, I was kind of under the weather. But, I am back and I did manage to get a vid out. You can see that here:

As far as this comic goes, I wanted to tie up any and all loose ends in the past before I sent Sirak back through the time vortex. Which, by the way, was fun to make in my paint program. I took a bit of artistic license as I didn't want it to look exactly like Doctor Who's time vortex.  I also always planned Sirak to show his wings. Finally, he can spread them out and show his dad's side, a bit.

Now that he is going back to his time. I wonder. Will he remember this adventure? Will Robkas? It's hard to say, really.

In other news, I have submitted Comic Showcase to Channel Awesome as they are having auditions. Wish me luck! Also, stay tuned for next week's exciting jumping on point for new readers. I may make it a double size one. We'll see. It depends on how much history I want to cover.

See you next time! Heh....Next time. Oh, that's hilarious!

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