Saturday, December 21, 2013

Starbolts #215: Home for the Holidays

 Happy holidays! This holiday comic wraps up the loose end of "Whatever happened to Tanis?" from back in issue 200. I didn't want to leave his fate up in the air TOO long because he'll be needed. Oh, trust me. He. Will. Be. Needed. A question of course remains. Has the experienced changed him? We'll see soon enough. Probably next week. =)

Anyway, I like what I did with the ghost effect. Originally, I was going to have them be black and white. But, eh, no. It's better this way. They're more ghostly and such. In fact, I'm probably going to use this for Crystal soon.

I also wanted to make the holiday comic a bit like a Charles Dickens tale. Jack was visited by four ghosts and told to basically embrace the here and now and let go of the past. Remember it, sure. But, don't forget to keep yourself in the present and be with your friends today. An important lesson. Even for one who was displaced in time.

Also, we learn the truth about Cobra. He's neither living nor dead. What is he, then? He was brought to life by Demonstorm, remember. So...what is he? That answer will be revealed another time.

See you all next time for the last Starbolts comic of 2013! Happy holidays!

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