Saturday, December 7, 2013

Starbolts #213: Love and Robots

Bad guys joining superhero teams is nothing new. The Avengers have had members turning over a new leaf for about as long as their fifty year history. And to celebrate their fiftieth year, I have two baddies who MAY become good guys later. I don't know. If I ever decide to make two baddies become good guys, it might be Valentine and Punchline. Only because...let's face it....their hearts just aren't into the whole super-villain thing. They haven't held any countries for ransom or killed anyone. Plus, I think you'd decide on a new career path if your teammate was using your duplicates to create a robot army. Plus, I think Valentine's more suited to being a femme fatale to be honest.

Back to the Avengers since I promised a post talking about them. I love the Avengers. They're one of my favorite teams in the Marvel Universe. Not THE favorite. But, they are still good nonetheless. The Avengers have reached their 50th year and we've seen legends, Gods, heroes and villains join their ranks. They're Marvel's answer to the Justice League and have continued to fight the foes no single hero can withstand.

Next time, I'll talk briefly about Marvel's mighty mutants the X-Men! Who...also turn 50 this year. Heh. What a year for 50s, right? See ya next time!

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