Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starbolts #205: Brothers and Sisters


As you can see, Jaime has been redeemed a bit. He isn't THAT big of a jerk. He understood what he was doing was wrong. Off panel, he had a discussion with Aquita. That would have been boring to read. So, I decided to focus on Richie's fight with Backdraft. I liked making the reference to Nova and Green Lantern at the end. I'm a big fan of Nova and to be honest the Centurion Corps are more like the Nova Corps than the GLs in the DC Universe. They don't have  power rings. Just flight and the ability to control gravity. However, Richie hasn't mastered gravametric pulses yet. He will. Just not right now.

 I also took the opportunity to introduce the parents of the Arlandero kids. Their names are Gregorio and Maria and they too were involved with the other Agents of S.T.A.R. back in the day. I was trying to think up possible roles they could've had. I'm thinking that Greg was the heavy arms kind of guy and Maria was special ops. I may delve more into the other parents at some point. You may be surprised at Bluestreak's dad. I have some ideas about how he'd act.

September is nearing its end so next week marks a new video from me. Keep an eye out as I talk about where the New Warriors are now. I may take a different approach as I have a couple ideas on how I want to go about it. Should be fun! We'll also be back here the week after with another comic as usual.  I have a couple more possible new Starbolts to introduce. Sufficed to say, Ricardo and Carra won't be alone. The new kids are coming to town and I'm pretty sure Backdraft will want his revenge on one of them.

See ya next time!

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