Saturday, September 7, 2013

Starbolts #203: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

This comic ironically comes hot off the heels of DC Comics's latest mistake. For details, see here: and of course DC also made a competition to draw Harley Quinn attempting suicide. Both incidents disgusted me and several of my friends in the comic reading world. I'm calling it ironic because, well, DC seems to be against character development and change when the comic above illustrates a change and character development. It was quick. Painless. And most importantly, it was true to the characters. So, why does DC continue to deride their characters so much? It just doesn't make sense to me. Characters should grow. Brian Heinz, the Last Angry Geek put it best. If you can't work with a non super supporting cast that's married to a superhero, then maybe you should relearn how to write the character.

This week's comic shows Crystal, a character who used to be VERY promiscious confront her past. Specifically, the guy known as Henry. Here she has grown from Southern temptress to an adult who now accepts the consquences of her actions. At the end, she goes to her friend, Jenna for support and she helps her out. The character has thus grown and changed for the better. This is how you develop a character. Set things up, have a conflict and finally a resolution.

Perhaps the comic industry would do well to understand that shock and other such things do not always work. I'm not just speaking of DC here. Marvel is guilty of it, too of late. It's a good thing there's a pool of talented people out there who write their own stuff and draw it when the companies they've looked up to in the past are shadows of their former selves.

That's it from me, true believers. See you next time!


  1. You know, I'm feeling really bad for Marc, the guy who is taking over for Batwoman. The guy is a good writer and frankly, I wouldn't mind him taking over if J.H. Williams was actually able to do and end his run on his own terms. I mean, Marc wrote Manhunter, so he's good with great female characters and he seem like the guy who would be able to do it. However, with all of his controversy, the guy is in for a complete whirlwind of s**t for taking over this comic.

    Despite all of this insanity, I'm still going to read comics from DC because there are still some that I truly love and enjoy (everything by Jeff Lemire and Scott Synder for instance). It's not like those writers did anything wrong.

    1. Thanks for the comment. =) You're free to like whatever company you want in my book. I, myself, am not too keen on some of the changes the big two have made. Marvel more than DC. I've been following the goings on and I too feel bad for whoever has to take over the reigns for Batwoman. We'll see how he does. Hopefully, he doesn't cave in.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and if you enjoy the comics, then by all means continue enjoying them. I still read Marvel despite the craziness. The only title I have dropped has been Superior Spider-Man. That's about it and I have been careful in selecting a few titles that interest me. That's all any comic reader can do.