Saturday, August 17, 2013

Starbolts #201: The Daughter of Garazo

Oh, Dennis. He's ever the southern gentleman isn't he? Even when faced with a giant cat-lady he manages to be polite. Of course, this could be his greatest downfall. See, I write Dennis as kind of quiet. He's a strong and silent type. He's one to be taken aback by any kind of advance like Carra's doing.

Anyway, this comic and the next few comics are going to be part of what I like to call "Starbolts Down Time". I just want to show the 'Bolts doing whatever for a bit since the last story took up over fifty comics. Time for a break, don't you think? However, I will be planting the seeds for another future story. What will it entail? Well, Carra, daughter of Garazo figures big into my plan.

Actually, I have a funny story. I talked to Mark, my creative consultant about what to do for #201. He thought we made a story about a female Leonid hitting on Dennis. I said "Nope." and decided to do the comic. I had intended to make a girl's night out comic. But, we'll see. Aquita's gone on vacation. So, the ladies on the team would be short one member.

Though, I could still do it with Crystal, Angela and Jenna. Hmm. The possibilities are endless! I wonder...will Carra join the team? Who can say? Well, *I* can. But, that'd be spoiling things.

Take care and see you next time!

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