Saturday, May 11, 2013

Starbolts #192: Super Starbolts Brawl!!

Oh, Bluestreak. Never change as long as I'm writing you. The tournament begins with Bluestreak being the first victor. You might think the fighting went too quickly. But, you have to remember: Bluestreak is the fastest man alive. He will win quite decisively if he puts his mind to it. He may act the joker, but, he's brilliant when he wants to be. As for Dreadwing, he's on his way home. Reality will be restored around him if/when it gets fixed. I won't spoil the ending. =) As for Tanis? Well...plans are in the works for him!

Story-wise things are going good. Soon, I'll be working on the next video. I may take a play from Linkara's Titans retrospective and create an intro video. Only because I'll be focusing on volume 1 of the New Warriors and there's a LOT to cover. We need to know who is who before we can go forward. It'll be fun. Trust me! =)

See you next time!

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