Friday, May 3, 2013

Starbolts #191: The Reality Show


Early comic this week because tomorrow I'll be seeing Iron Man 3 with friends. That and there's also Free Comic Book Day. What that is is basically comic shops give out free comics from publishers who want to show off their work. Sometimes there's good stuff. Sometimes there isn't. It's a mixed bag. But, what do you want for free comics, right? It's still good and fun.

Ahh. This week's comic was fun to write. We have Garazo at the bar and all those empty mugs. He's happy. We also have a Fifth Doctor reference with "Brave heart, Jenna". And we closed the thread on Dark Mateo. I won't be covering what unspeakable horrors Dark Aquita did to him. Let's just leave it to your imaginations shall we? Hmm?

I decided to end this storyline as a tournament. We shall see what happens. It would be like Mortal Kombat or anything. Nah. I'm thinking more like Super Smash Bros. We shall see who will emerge triumphant won't we?

Yes, I think we will! See you next time!

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