Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starbolts #189: Darkened Mirror


Today's comic was a long time coming. Mainly because I wanted to have M'anta meet his alternate self. Now that M'anta is enhanced by the Gods, it remains to be seen what else he can do. Frankly, I feel bad for Demonstorm in the upcoming battle. He's going to be in for a WORLD of hurt. =) The question remains is where will alternate M'anta go? He has all of time and space to go to. He may even show up somewhere down the road. We shall see!

In other news, I'll be working on my Superior Spider-Man review soon and another project like the Marvel history one. I believe I've already said I'll be working on a New Warriors retrospective. It should be fun as they were my favorite team growing up. I just need to dig out the box the comics are in! I have a feeling it'll be like an archaeology expedition to my attic. It should be fun, like I said. It's all a matter of getting up there and finding the stuff I need. We shall see how that goes, true believers!

See you next time!

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