Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starbolts #188: A Disturbing Universe

The plot continues to thicken as Jenna and M'anta have finally arrived on the others' ship. It also seems that while they were traveling around time and space, Jack and the crew had to deal with Tayalla. Well, the alternate Tayalla anyway. Things are also heating up as Demonstorm has collected the avatars of death, the underworld and war. We're getting close to the final battle in the storyline and trust me, it's going to be awesome!

In other news, I've starting thinking about another project I am going to work on after I cover Superior Spider-Man #1 this month. It should be an interesting ride as it's going to focus on a team I've liked since I started reading comics. I was a bit inspired by Linkara's look at the Teen Titans in March to cover my favorite team, the New Warriors. There's a few similarities. But, I promise to make my retrospective a bit different from my friend's epic month long look at his favorite group.

The reason why it inspired me to create a look at my favorite team is because they deserve a lot of credit in that they're more than just a group of teenage heroes who started the Civil War. There are great stories here and I will definitely be covering them. It should be a fun ride!

Just something to look forward to after I deal with Superior Spider-Man. Sigh.

Until next time! 

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