Saturday, December 1, 2012

Starbolts #175: The Artifacts of the Gods


We're now at Starbolts #175 and the countdown to Starbolts #200 will begin! What will happen to our heroes between now and then? You can bet there'll be a lot of action as we've seen in this comic that the tides have been turned. The battlefield has been leveled! At first, I was a bit hesitant to use the macguffins to help save the day. Then I realized, how many times have items been used as deus ex machinas in comics? The Ultimate Nullifier stopped Galactus. Several items can do something super special awesome in anime. It's really up to the writer to show how they are used.

Here we have the amulet I introduced back in the early 100s of this comic. By itself the sword, armor and amulet are harmless. Well...aside from the sword being a pointy thing Shrall can use. The other two won't be used much. I was thinking that once the three combine, they change M'anta's suit into some kind of armor of the Gods. But, meh, I'll have to think on that one.

The Aquan trio also saw their parents this week. I wanted a scene where they talked to the "force ghosts" of their parents. I tried to add little things after like Aquita going to Mateo's side when they come back. It was an emotional scene. Speaking of Aquita, later I will establish that she went back to Aquarius to discipline her mind. She also picked up a mind trick as you can see here. It's nothing fancy. If the amulet didn't go off, Mateo would have said "Nothing beats the real thing."

In other news, it's December and I've entered ColortheGrayScale's Secret Santa project. Check out the details here:  

Last year, I got a neat mask from a fan. We'll see what happens this year as the holiday season continues. Until next time, everyone!

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