Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starbolts #172: Lovers Quarrel

 Hail! A few days without power can't keep away the weekly comic production. Let me tell you, it was quite annoying to not be able to work on it. Still, I hope more people in the Northeast are getting their electricity back. New York and the other mid-atlantic states got hammered by the storm and I really hope things return to normal for them soon. Now, what do we have this week? WELL...this week we have Manta facing the alternate Jenna. Unfortunately, Demonstorm got in the way and now has Manta by the throat. Things are not looking good for our hero. I wonder what this will mean for the real Jenna? Will she be able to return once the others come back? Is she doomed to live out the rest of her days in that dark reality? Whatever the case is, next week, Manta is not going to be happy. I have plans. Let's just say that it isn't wise to kill someone, let alone an alternate version of your wife in front of him. Can you say...."ZAAP!"? In Comic Showcase news, I'm glad I got positive feedback on the Spider-Man wedding video. It was fun to make. I initially intended to do a Ferris Bueller style ending to the video. But, eh...I ran out of time. It happens. Next vid will be full of '90s goodness. Yes. An ACTUAL Good '90s comic. Shocking, right? See ya next time!

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