Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starbolts #167: Dark Angel, Dark Angel

Wow. What can I say about this week's comic? I can tell you that Angela/Kevin's scene was a bit more romantic the last time:

Question. Do you think Dark Angela actually loves Dark Kevin? Or is she manipulating him? What did she do to Crystal and Mateo? We'll find out next week. It's going to take a bit for M'anta and co to get to Earth. So, I figured I'd do a couple comics showing the Earth side of things before the big brawl.

I had a bit of a decision to make regarding the fire in panel 2. I could have made a fire effect with, the program I use. The problem is that the fire looked a little globby. So, I opted for sprites instead. It's just as well. You can see the sprites being burned better. Another option I had was shattering the image like glass. Haven't really figured that out, yet. Oh and the group shot shows all the Starbolts and their allies. Notice Hammer isn't there. He isn't a reserve. He'd rather be a lone wolf.

In other news, I'm prepping work on the Giant Size X-Men #1 review. That should be a lot of fun. =D Until next time!

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