Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Legion #158: Brave New World

I really hope that the "The Legion" title doesn't throw people off. I'm just referencing that time in the '90s when the X-Men books changed titles when the Age of Apocalypse happened. Good series, by the way. Check it out. Marvel renamed books like Uncanny X-Men to Amazing X-Men. Good thing this doesn't happen today, right? *Sees that Thunderbolts is being renamed Dark Avengers* Well, crap.

Thunderbolts does change their title every few years or so, doesn't it? Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Today's comic sees the debut of a new sprite for Manta. It's a little altered. I think I can tweak it. Also, in a shadow is Mateo's new sprite. Well, new wings anyway. I'm always looking to improve the sprites I make. I have a guide that helps and sometimes I feel like changing things a bit.

So, yea, things are heating up this week. M'anta's in a brave new world. Are we going to see these Dark Starbolts? Is this a parody of AOA? Is what Robkas saying true? Find out next time!

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